First Holy Communion Programme

This will be running within our primary schools this year. If you attend this parish and your child doesn’t attend either Corpus Christi or Saint Gabriel’s primary school but is 8 or 9 years old please contact Fr James asap. 

Reconciliation Service

On Wednesday 14th December there’ll be a reconciliation service at Saint Gabriel’s church starting at 7pm. There’ll also be visiting priests on hand for an opportunity of individual confession. As this is a busy time of year with all sorts of...

Full Parish Meeting

As I understand it, our parish doesn’t have aparish council as such but rather has a full parish meeting whereeveryone from the parish is invited to attend a gathering to reflect anddiscuss where we are up to at present and how we want to moveforward as a community...


Please note our facebook page has changed name. All the old content is still there but is now accessed via:

New Site

Welcome to the new website for the parish of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Middlesbrough which is a brand new parish set up last year in 2021 by the amalgamation of the old parishes of Saint Gabriel’s, Ormesby and Corpus Christi, Thorntree. The names of the churches are...